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Give for the Care and Cure of Every Sick Child

The Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of all children and working towards the day when every child has cost-free medical care. Our vision is for 100% of your donations to fund sick kids in need of care, and corporate donors and partners to cover our operating costs.

Children without health insurance coverage are less likely than insured children to have a regular health care provider and to receive care when they need it.

The federal poverty definition is based on family size and composition. In calendar year 2017, a family of two adults and two children fell in the "poverty" category if their annual income fell below $ 24,858.

CiDrep SickKids accepts applications for every sick child. If you or someone you know would like to apply for assistance on behalf of a sick child, please review and complete our application online.

Donations are the lifeblood of any charitable organization, and every dollar donate counts. No amount is too small, the majority of all funds go directly to a sick child. You can give knowing your gift will help bring medications, therapy, equipment, and direct treatment to a sick child. Give monthly, and you'll become a part of CiDrep Sickkids Care Team, a passionate community investing in a world where every child has cost-free medical care.

We thank you! And every sick child that we support now and in the future thanks you!

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